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      Owner Darin Swanberg started in the automotive business in November 1987 with Champion Auto Stores as a store manager at various locations, re-plan-o-gramming locations across the twin cities metro area to beter serve the customer's needs. While in that organization they bought out 10,000 Auto Parts and Crown Auto Service Centers. In 1992 he saw technicians performing repairs in service centers that Crown Auto acquired and then he decided to switch from being in parts operations to becoming a diagnostic auto / truck technician.

      After servicing vehicles and getting a better understanding of the industry, he thought how can I advance more? After applying to various new car dealerships, he found out that they required technical degrees. So, while working at Crown Auto full time he also enrolled as a full time student at Dunwoody Institute where he recieved a degree in Automotive Science Technology and Business. 

     In 1995 he applied to Stepehens Buick/Jeep/Eagle/Renault/GMC and was hired in June. He worked in new car prep and delivery for 6 months learning products and computer repair on vehicles where they had become part of the industry and a mainstay in the metro area. He then became a Line-Technician fully repairing any vehicle coming in his bay from Buicks and Jeeps to any vehicle in the used car department. Repairs were anything and everything including Engine rebuilding and Tranmission overhauling. His service manager saw his ability to talk with customers and inform them of their needs. His supervisor told him, "You should be a service advisor and earn the same amount of money with less stress on your body." 

     In 2000 the Stephens facility which was built in 1960's was torn down for a new VW dealership, and it was at this time he applied for and was hired as a service advisor for a local Goodyear 8 bay facility. Over next 2 years he refined his knowledge and helped the store turn around by providing the transition language between customers-and-technicians.

     Thinking back to his days at Stephens, and liking the new car "dealership" feel, he moved to Maplewood Imports in 2003 thru 2006. He became the Customer Service Manager for Porsche and Audi customers while managing 4 service advisors and 16 technicians. Audi then built a new stand alone building and he moved into the facility where the pace slowed down a bit. Feeling the need for a more fast paced workplace, he was asked to work for Luther again where he he'd worked for 10 years prior.

     In 2006 thru 2007 he worked as Service Manager for Luther Town and Country Dodge in Hopkins and they again closed this facility and sold the real estate and a "fitness center" was built on that site. Luther moved him to Brookdale Pontiac Buick Gmc on Brooklyn Blvd. Having been a resident of that area for 20 plus years and knowing lots of the parts providers in the area as well as the family of Luther dealerships and the friendships he formed over the years combined with his experience as a mechanic he thought ......hmmmmm I could do this myself. 

     In 2007-2008  Darin spoke with banks and local service facilities available for sale and made his dream become a reality. 

     2008-2009  "Darin Swanberg" ...the "DS" part of  "Dependable Service" was formed and using his business sense thought that sounded like a perfect name except it was missing one thing "automotive". To him dependable service sounded like a heating air conditioning place so the name DEPENDABLE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE was born and we're here today to help you in this community of Brooklyn Park. 

     Darin here : "Every day, I look forward  to seeing my customers and hearing about their families and futures while they're in my facility. I also take the same personal interes in my employees. We have a great bunch of people here and I'm happy to be a part of this neighborhood." 'My return customers are so great and have passed the word on about us, and for that I am truly greatful." So "THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH" I appreciate it. 


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